Phonos for Windows Privacy Notice

ControlAV is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust, and recognizes your right to keep personal information private. We maintain the following privacy policy to protect personal information you provide online.

Basic Privacy Policy

The application collects no personal information about you at anytime.

Information Collected from Application Usage

Phonos collects certain anonymized data from your usage of the app, gathering statistics on which features are used, which errors occur, what kinds of hardware are in use, and approximate geographic usage.

No Release of Information to Third Parties

Personal information and application usage statistics will not be released to third parties except as necessary to further the purpose for which you provide the information and where it is legally required, such as in the investigation of a criminal offence, and in compliance with a search warrant or subpoena.

Other Companies

Phonos may get album artwork from third-party services who supply music to your Sonos system (eg Spotify), you should check with those services for additional details of their privacy policies.

Last update: May 27, 2015