Phonos For Windows Phone: Important Information

Last update: Dec 22, 2014

Summary for Windows Phone 8 Users

Version 5.0 of Phonos fixes the issue described below, please upgrade to the latest version.

Summary for Windows Phone 7.5 Users

If you are using Sonos version 5.1 or older, we recommend NOT upgrading to 5.2 as some music services (see list below) may not work from Phonos.

If you are already using Sonos 5.2, you must use the very latest version of Phonos, but there may still be problems. The only fix is to use Phonos 5.0, which requires Phone 8.0 or later.

Unfortunately changes in the Sonos 5.2 code mean that the following music services may no longer work with Phonos:

Whether they work or not depends on a combination of when you added them, and when you upgraded your Sonos system to 5.2. When they fail the latest version of Phonos will report authentication data not available. Other music services (which do not use the most advanced authentication method) still work just fine.

We apologise for the inconvenience but these changes were unexpected and out of our control.