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For the Windows 8/10/RT version

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Use your Windows Phone as a wireless Sonos controller

Easily control the music throughout your home using just your phone. Sonos is a fabulous multi-room music system, Phonos is a great way to control it.

  • Play/Pause/Next/Previous
  • Choose music from your collection (by Artist, Album, Playlist, Track etc.)
  • Choose music from Internet Radio, Line In, Music Shares, Sonos Playlists etc.
  • Choose music from some music services (check Marketplace/Store for current list)
  • Search for music from your collection, radio stations, or some music services
  • Pin favorite pages to the Start screen for instant access
  • See album artwork
  • Control Volume/Mute
  • Select and edit Groups
  • Change volume, treble etc per player
  • Share your musical selections with Facebook, Twitter, by Email or Texting
  • Set the Sleep timer
  • Control Shuffle & Repeat modes
  • Add and Remove tracks from the queue
  • Infographic

    This application requires Sonos hardware and your Windows Phone on the same network via Wi-Fi.

    We recommend you verify compatibility with your network and Sonos system using the free Trial Mode before purchasing the application. Trial Mode allows access to almost all features, but includes deliberately annoying reminders until you buy it.

    This application is not endorsed by or associated with Sonos, Inc. (which is why it is not free)

    This application does not completely replace your Sonos controllers, as some features are not available due to technical or resource limitations, including:

    • Alarms
    • System settings

    Download the Phonos App

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    Click here to download the Phonos app to your phone.

    Privacy Policy
    We collect almost no information about Phonos users, and never anything that is personally identifiable. If you are asked to submit a Problem Report on the phone, which can happen if a bug in the app is detected, and you agree to send that email then we will have your email address. However we promise not to use that email address for any purpose, unless you explicitly ask us to in the reply to the problem report.

    Version 2.8 and Later

    We collect usage information and details about your Sonos configuration. All data collected is anonymous. You can disable this collection via the About & Settings page but we prefer it if you do not, as it lets us see what features customers use and any problems they are having.

    Version 2.7 and Earlier

    We do collect simple usage information, which includes the make and model of your phone, but nothing else.

    Version 1.0 Only

    The Phonos Server also uses the phone's identity and uses it to handle multiple phones on the same Wi-Fi network, but it doesn't pass that information on to us or anyone else.

    Sonos is registered trademark of Sonos, Inc.